Thursday, 27 July 2017

Seedlings glass house

                                         Mrs Forsyth just recently bought us a glass house.
                                         Down below you will see Daniel, Huriwai and Kahn
                                         putting it together.

Huriwai and Daniel putting the glass house together.
Huriwai and Kahn putting the glass house in place.

This is the first lot of plants that the seedling group planted.

This is the second lot of plants that the seedling  group planted

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


 Seedlings and potted seeds were  planted today. The seedlings were put in the gardens and potted seeds were put in DIY plastic bottle glass houses.

Daniel, Kahn and Huriwai starting the potted seeds.

Finished potted seeds.

The seedlings in the garden.

The second garden with seedlings in it.


The first stage of making a compost bin began today. The composting group (Angus, Harry and Gemini) collected leaves from the back left corner of the field under the trees.  The compost bin has not been made yet so the leaves were put in sacks for safe keepings.

Angus with his sacks of leaves.

These are full sacks of leaves waiting for Angus to collect.

Bags waiting to be filled with leaves.

Harry and Gemini collecting leaves into the bags.

Gemini bringing the sacks to the pile for Angus to collect.