Monday, 13 November 2017

A new climbing frame

Today Elijah started making a climbing frame for peas.  Watch the space for updates on the progress.

First harvest of 2017

The first harvest of 2017 has been made. We harvest kale, lettuce, celery, radish. 

This is what we harvested today in our garden

This afternoon we let kids from room 16 take what they want.

Pea Vine Netting

Leevi and Elijah have put up some netting around the pea plants so their vines have something to climb. They have also put yellow caps on the waratahs for personal safety.

They put some zip ties on the netting so that it stayed in place.

Leevi was putting safety caps on the warathas for saftey.
We put zip ties through the saftey caps so they would stay in place.

Elijah was putting the netting up so that the peas had something to climb up.

This is what the climbing frame looked like when we were finished.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Cycle Beans

The boys found on Pinterest an idea for growing beans.  Beans need to be able to climb.  This frame which used a pole and old bicycle rims appealed there creativity.  

They dug a hole deep enough for the pole to go in & support the climbing beans.

Leevi and Elijah compacting the dirt so the pole was stable.

Here is Elijah drilling holes to put the rims on the post.

Alec and Manaia are planting beans on the cycle pole.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Compost Bin

Today Martin (a dad) volunteered to help the composting group build a home made composting bin with the pellets that were donated.  They built the composting bin by hammering and sawing the bin into shape.  Once finished and placed they started to fill the composting bin with leaves and fruit scraps.  Now we wait for these greens to start composting so we can use the rich soil in our gardens.

Martin and the composting group starting to make a compost bin.

Martin and Angus moved the compost bin and started fill in the gaps.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

School Newsletter

Today we put together a collage of the school garden as it is to date. We put together this collage for the school newsletter to let community know where we are up to and how they could possibly help

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Seedlings glass house

                                         Mrs Forsyth just recently bought us a glass house.
                                         Down below you will see Daniel, Huriwai and Kahn
                                         putting it together.

Huriwai and Daniel putting the glass house together.
Huriwai and Kahn putting the glass house in place.

This is the first lot of plants that the seedling group planted.

This is the second lot of plants that the seedling  group planted

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


 Seedlings and potted seeds were  planted today. The seedlings were put in the gardens and potted seeds were put in DIY plastic bottle glass houses.

Daniel, Kahn and Huriwai starting the potted seeds.

Finished potted seeds.

The seedlings in the garden.

The second garden with seedlings in it.


The first stage of making a compost bin began today. The composting group (Angus, Harry and Gemini) collected leaves from the back left corner of the field under the trees.  The compost bin has not been made yet so the leaves were put in sacks for safe keepings.

Angus with his sacks of leaves.

These are full sacks of leaves waiting for Angus to collect.

Bags waiting to be filled with leaves.

Harry and Gemini collecting leaves into the bags.

Gemini bringing the sacks to the pile for Angus to collect.