Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Soil And Compost Arrives

Things are getting quite exciting. Today the soil and the compost arrived for the raised gardens. All that is needed now is to fill the boxes with the soil and compost and then the planting can begin.

Dannevirke Carriers deliver the topsoil

Willis & Maehe help unload the compost

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Raised Gardens Go Up

Over the previous couple of weeks the boys have armed themselves with hammers and headed down to the garden area to put together the framework for the raised gardens.  Today we worked with Graeme, our caretaker, to erect the raised gardens.  We had to make sure they were square before we could peg them.  Once pegged we nailed the garden boxes to the pegs so that when we filled them with soil they would not move.




Jordan & Mayka




Thursday, 1 March 2012

Developing and Sustain the School Vegetable Gardens


In 2011 the Huia Range School Board of Trustees appproved a proposal to develop the school playing field.  The BOT agreed to incorporate raised vegetables gardens as part of the field development.

In January 2012, our back field
 was ploughed up and re-sown.

part of the field was made into an all weather running track, 

with skills activity stations at regular intervals.

One area was set aside to develop a series

 of raised vegetable gardens.

The grant from Eastern and Central also allowed 

up to purchase a tank to water the garden during summer.